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National Technology Parade (NTP)

National Technology Parade (NTP)

The national technology parade (NTP) is an annual event held at one of the Jordanian universities in collaboration with  Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE). This event aims at motivating the innovative thinking among Jordanian undergradu- ate students and at unlocking their potentials. It also aims at directing the e orts of students and faculty toward exploiting technology to solve local problems at the national level, and at building an integration and e ective cooperation between industry and academia. 


NTP Concept

Students from the leading Jordanian universities will work on designing and implementing innovative, technology – driven projects that will be showcased during the event. These projects will address real life challenges in Jordan such as alternative energy solutions, educational outreach, preservation of natural resources, automation of public services, and a number of other issues where technology can provide cost–effective, efficient, and innovative solutions and alternatives.

Students will carry out projects that solve problems which fall under 6 themes drawn from the above challenges, or projects that solves specific problems suggested by local community organizations or leading Jordanian and regional engineering and IT companies.

Financial and technical support will be provided to the students to carry out their projects from the parade’s organizers, sponsors, and participating companies. The product of the student work will be assessed and prizes will be awarded to the students and their supervisors during the parade.

During the parade days, the students will be invited to showcase their work and the teams of the winning projects will be given the opportunity to present their work.

Leading local and regional companies and organizations are participating in this event. This will give graduating students chances to explore job opportunities with these organizations.

Moreover, the parade will organize a collection of activities and lectures that prepare the students to the job market.

NTP Objectives

The following summarizes the parade’s objectives:

  • Motivating the creative and innovative thinking and practical skills of university students especially students of engineering and information technology disciplines.

  • Connecting students’ projects outputs with the market and local community needs.

  • Creating interactive communication channels between various market parties and university graduates.

  • Encouraging the healthy and ethical habits of work among students that are related to teamwork, leadership, and taking the initiative.

  • Highlighting capacity and role of female students in the field of technology and engineering technology.

NTP Activities

The activities of this multi-day event are:

  • Distributing awards to winning students’ projects.

  • Showcasing projects and presentations of winning projects.

  • Company booths for recruiting students.

  • Conducting introductory presentations about participating companies (services offered and employment opportunities).

  • Presentations addressing new advancements in technology and engineering.

  • Lego Robotics competition between universities in cooperation with the National Institute for Robotics.

  • Technical and non-technical lectures for preparing the graduates to enter the job market.