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Global Entrepreneurship Week2018

Global Entrepreneurship Week2018

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, millions of young people around the world will join a growing movement of entrepreneurial people to generate new ideas and to seek improved methods of doing business. Countries across six continents are coming together to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. To think big… To turn their ideas into reality… To make their mark. This week aims to connect young people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. Students, educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees, non-profit leaders, government officials, celebrities and many others will participate in a range of activities, from online to face-to-face, and from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings. All these events are taking place simultaneously and will receive coverage and promotion from the international media. For the fourth time ever, Jordan is participating in the GEW, with a week of activities organized by the Jordan GEW Partners.  


About GEW


During one week each November, thousands of events & competitions around the world inspire millions to engage in entrepreneurial activity while connecting them to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. During this week, GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. These activities, from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings, connect participants to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors—introducing them to new possibilities and exciting opportunities.



Inspire GEW introduces the notion of entrepreneurial activity to those who have never considered it as a career path while motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to launch new startups.

Connect GEW facilitates connections to help build and expand networks across national boundaries—unleashing new ideas at the intersection of cultures & disciplines.

Mentor GEW creates an environment conducive to the sharing of ideas and experiences that are invaluable in moving from ideation to launch.

Engage GEW provides a platform for thought leaders to work together in fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem—examining research, public policies and successful approaches to promoting startups and growth.



More than 150 Countries across six continents come together to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. To think big. To turn their ideas into reality. To make their mark. 

GEW 2018 Verticals

1- GEW Women


As communities and countries increasingly encourage entrepreneurs who create jobs, women can be a catalyst for large-scale economic growth – not just in countries where the basic rights of women are a struggle, but in developed economies as well. Studies have shown that women have lower levels of involvement in high-growth entrepreneurship than men, and research suggests that accelerating the rates of female entrepreneurship could have the same positive effect that the entry of women into the labor force had during the 20th century.

GEW Women celebrates female entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, investors and other startup champions, while offering opportunities to expand their networks, identify resources and share knowledge with other women around the world.


2- GEW Youth


As stronger entrepreneurship ecosystems emerge, young graduates unable to secure a job have more opportunities to leverage their economic freedom and create a job. As they choose to start and scale new businesses, they not only change their lives but also contribute to their communities and countries through job creation and economic renewal.

GEW Youth celebrates and shapes the next generation of innovators through activities and competitions to help them sharpen their skills and connect them to potential co-founders, mentors and even investors. This theme also celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship education and the teaching of innovative skills.


3- GEW Inclusion


Entrepreneurship is a positive force that drives innovation, creates wealth and improves lives in communities, cities and countries alike. But not everyone has the same opportunity. Race, age, gender, or where one lives should not be an obstacle to entrepreneurship. Anyone, anywhere should be able to realize their dream and start a business quickly, inexpensively, and without barriers.

GEW Inclusion will highlight the work startup champions are doing around the world to minimize barriers and obstacles for entrepreneurs by maximizing inclusion. Activities, workshops and speaker series held around the world will explore the obstacles entrepreneurs from underserved populations may face, and discovering solutions through access to success stories, training, capital and mentorship.


4- GEW Ecosystem Connect


The Global Entrepreneurship Network and other entrepreneurship support organizations around the world are looking beyond Silicon Valley to facilitate collaboration and partnership between startup ecosystems in promising mid-tier cities. Sharing knowledge and connecting local ecosystem leaders has become increasingly important in building healthy and thriving entrepreneurial communities.

GEW Ecosystem Connect aims to inspire communities to collaborate, and share their networks and markets to help their rising startups thrive. This theme celebrates the shared challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship communities and hubs around the world.




Jordan Startup pitch competitions

Part Of GEW, Jordan Startup pitch competitions( for university students.) One-week competition focusing on universities students. Each university will hold a small competition for its students; the competition will focus mainly on the business model canvas, and how to pitch. The winners from universities will compete to get the first place among Jordanian Universities on the last day of the week.    



Since its adoption of the slogan "Belong," Umniah has dedicated itself to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation while simultaneously reinforcing its leading role in the country by creating an exceptional environment that motivates Jordanian entrepreneurs and nascent companies.
Umniah established The Tank, its entrepreneurship and innovation incubator at the King Hussein Business Park. Inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania in 2014, The Tank offers guidance and mentorship to local entrepreneurs.
Umniah's vision of the importance of creativity and innovation is one that is compatible with the Kingdom's national strategy, which aims to spread a culture of creativity and originality, motivating people to aspire to a knowledge-based society that takes an active role in the future.
Since its launch, The Tank has supported the communications and information technology sector, and has allowed businesses to develop their ideas into viable projects, helped market them internationally and connected them with local, regional and international investors. Additionally, The Tank has held numerous training and awareness workshops for its members, and has hosted specialized conferences and seminars to help them develop their personal and creative skills, allowing them to advance their projects and realize their prototypes.
Umniah has redoubled its efforts to transform The Tank into a specialized business incubator for entrepreneurial companies specialized in extension programs and intensive training activities, providing them with dedicated office space, legal and financial advice, business development, marketing and mentorship. The Tank will also introduce entrepreneurs to investors in order to support them in securing financing, helping them upgrade their services and working towards a more developed society and economic sustainability


GEW Strategic partner

Zain Innovation Campus is not your ordinary coworking venue. The company that revolutionized telecommunications in Jordan by introducing GSM mobile services into the country, Zain is the foremost telecom company in Jordan. It has around 5,903 million subscribers in the kingdom and covers the entire populated area of Jordan.

Zain has pioneered in Corporate Social Responsibility by launching and supporting various national initiatives that go well beyond the telecom sector including education, youth, health, sports, environment and philanthropy. Zain is considered to be one of Jordanian's economy pillars.

Supporting the entrepreneurship realm in Jordan, Zain created the Innovation Campus in 2014 and it is the first of its kind in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It provides entrepreneurs and startups with the requirements to develop and transform their innovative ideas into productive projects to be marketed locally, regionally and globally. Sitting at King Hussein Business Park, the campus is equipped with the latest technology, facilities and services where you can gain guidance and consulting. 

If you wish to get that idea out of your head, go to their website and check out how you can grab a chair in their space.

Youth outreach partner

The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) was established in 2015 with a vision to empower Jordan’s youth to attain their future aspirations. At the heart of its mission, CPF seeks to support active youth engagement through participation, leadership, and competitiveness. Breaking with traditional approaches to youth empowerment, which typically enroll young people as beneficiaries, CPF establishes strategic, fully engaged partnerships with youth to help them build a more successful, prosperous future for themselves, their families, and their communities. CPF focuses on providing platforms that elevate the voices of youth and enable them to build self-efficacy, personal agency, and the confidence to make a difference.  CPF has created a self-sustaining, self-scaling model that addresses specific challenges facing youth that are related to technical and leadership skills, employability, entrepreneurship, innovation, and civic engagement. CPF’s initiatives target thousands of youth every year across all governorates, with the goal of scaling to eventually impact Jordan’s entire youth population. Through tapping into our youth’s collective passion, fresh perspectives, and creative energy, CPF seeks to create a cadre of service-minded young individuals who will push the envelope on complex societal issues, and inspire other young people to serve their communities. The youth engagement model – Learn and Develop, Engage and Innovate, Reflect and Institutionalize, Influence and Amplify – is the basis for CPF’s efforts across its programs. Youth embarking on CPF’s journey derive new value throughout the process, and become progression agents. CPF’s strategy is anchored on three distinct but interconnected pillars: Leadership and Youth Excellence, Skills and Innovation, Social Development and Philanthropy.


GEW Country Partners

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