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Innovation Venture Lab – Overview

Innovation Venture Lab – Overview

After examining the entrepreneurial eco-system in Jordan, Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship realized that there is a lack of support services that can be provided to the early stage pre-startups; such services include:  pre-incubation and Ideation; including “Prototype Funding”. Therefore the center believes that offering a Venture Lab at University campuses where the reach to innovative youth especially female students would be much efficient and productive. The Venture Lab will provide various services which will enable the pre-startups to determine whether their business idea is viable and worth pursuing; such as: Trainings, workshops, mentorship, networking and prototype funding.   The Innovation Venture Lab at QRCE is looking for enthusiastic eager entrepreneurs. First and foremost, we want to invest in pre start-ups that are innovative, but also, in entrepreneurs that stand out. Whether they have a feasible idea that they want to turn into a success story, or need guidance and support, the Innovation Venture Lab will be their ultimate destination to shift their gears.


QRCE Startups

Teletera aims at building an electronic eHealth platform that utilises the up-to-date cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to provide patients and healthcare personnel an access to several eHealth services over the Internet.

The platform enables patients in rural and under serviced  areas to communicate with Doctors in the major cities using a video conferencing platform that utilizes the Amazon web Service cloud and Flash Media technology to provide cost effective and efficient video conferencing service. Further, the platform enables the patients to take some medical measurements utilizing IoT and sends it  remotely to doctors via the Internet to give both the patients and doctors full access and control over the patient medical situation. Our project is aligned with the Jordanian government initiatives toward improving the health services in rural and remote areas and also aims at having best utilization for resources.


A website that targeted university students only, who have skills and capabilities that allow them to use it as self-employment for certain amount of money with their practical talents and an ability in using the website for the latest news of the job recruitment and to also benefit from the courses provided by the website.



Beauty of Jordan aims to promote Jordanian tourism in an easy way and with a wonderful technology that allows the tourist to see archaeological sites from his place and tour the entire archeological sites from his site and move freely at home and see the effects with clear details and precise accuracy and the possibility of choosing any archaeological place or a specific teacher in the site and browse it in full so that the full information about the archaeological piece or the place to be visited and / or read about it is presented through a website (technology three-dimensional) full and high quality in addition to that the site contains three pictures of the father Ed hotels, restaurants, clothing stores and jewelry shops with famous names and brands International.



Gattaa is a peer-to-peer tutoring service for collage students in Jordan that helps them to find  bright students from their college to help them in their courses that they are struggling with.



Solar PiezoClean is a company that developed a US provisional patented technology to make solar panels self-cleaning without using water, that will increase the revenues of solar projects and save water.



Recycly is a company that allows you to turn your trash into your wallet simply by smart trash bins that you can find around, points are added to your account for each recycle you do, you can use your credit to benefit from the services of our partners or you can donate to charities or you can even convert it into cash from our application.


Zajil is an advanced Internal Rideshare Advertising Platform that connects riders with great relevant ads, real-time deals and offers. Zajil is considered to be the first Digital Outdoor Ad Network in the MENA Region which aims to to help provide a sustainable affordable transportation to all the ridesharing industry by increasing the drivers income and decreasing the passengers cost by introducing a new type of revenue.

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