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The significance of the Internet lies in uplifting societies to the best levels of scientific and practical development; it has become an educational and a learning open source in all areas of life in a large number of languages, also defining societies and nations of the world, all this facilitates global intellectual exchange. It is a great repository of information and knowledge where people started digitalizing books through digital libraries Our digital identity " Arabic language" is considered weak relative to the number of Arab Internet users, recent studies show a gap between the number of Arabic internet users and the availability of Arabic content online which doesn’t not commensurate with knowledge, history, and status of the Arab culture, This was spotted by a group of Jordanian entrepreneurs whom undertook the responsibility of filling this gap by enriching the quality and quantity of Arabic online content using an innovative idea that was translated into one of the earliest Arabic online encyclopedias in the world We at pursue a social mission, to be the first Arabic comprehensive encyclopedia, involving all the Arabs, and contribute to the development and enrichment of the internet with an integrated and interrelated learning experience, through providing the easiest ways to survey information with value and reliable references. We benefited from the experiences of global digital libraries such as Wikipedia; was also built based on innovative practices and systems such as "wiki" we also developed a strategy designed to direct Arab users to write threads that hold the most surveyed titles in global search engines, allowing Arabs to write in these threads for others to read after having them reviewed and audited by our team of researchers and auditors at mawdoo3. Not forgetting our Arab readers, we built the website based on the latest branding theories in order to sustain a user-friendly experience that provides readers with more efficient access to the site and its sections, a big step towards promoting Arabic content and educational productive websites owned and developed by " Arabs " Hoping to encourage others to create alternative Arabic platforms as strong as the western websites in development, ease of access, value and credibility of the content.