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Minerets Tech is a software development and Integration Company specialized in mobile technologies. Our specialists who had collaborated in different contexts were brought together to deliver valuable products and services. We leverage our core competencies to generate solutions combining advanced mobile technologies and comprehensive business trend knowledge. The inception of Minerets was the result of an extensive market research coupled with strong understanding of the mobile product and service markets in the Middle East and around the globe. Minerets solutions address immediate needs of today's mobile work force in key sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, transportation, logistic, statistics, and utilities. Furthermore, Minerets has been developing advanced end-user mobile applications for different platforms. The development process considers both technological novelty and customized preferences.  Desired client’s application is built to be technically advanced, convenient for users and arranged to suit client’s requirements. Minerets is dedicated to provide the high-quality services and well-timed support for our customers. We also offer multi-platform mobile solutions to expand sphere of client’s interest and system integration tailored to client’s specifications for various platforms. Mobile platforms are our primary sphere. Minerets is building applications for such mobile platforms as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Furthermore by analyzing the quickly-changing mobile market we consider potential abilities of new mobile technologies. This knowledge enables us to present better solutions for client’s investment in the mobile market. Minerets was founded in Jordan with more than 10 years of experience in mobile solutions. From there, Minerets started operating to serve the Middle East Market and within a very short period of time it proved itself as a competitive Enterprise and End-User Mobile Solution provider in the region.  Minerets extended its operations in Levant, Gulf, and North Africa. The rapid and consistent growth of the client base of Minerets has been accompanied by the growth of its manpower. Consequently, Minerets now has offices in New Jersey-USA, Sydney- Australia, Riyadh-KSA and Jeddah-KSA, in addition to Minerets Headquarter in Amman-Jordan.