After a week full of youth-centered, entrepreneurial activities, Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) concluded the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2014, which aimed at promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and encouraging youth to adopt it as the basis for Jordan’s economy development. In a symposium held on the margins of the event, QRCE’s Executive Director, Dr. Abual Basal., discussed with participants along with public and private sector official’s entrepreneurship opportunities in Jordan, and solutions to the challenges facing Jordanian business leaders. Being part of a global event organized in more than 150 countries around the world, the annual event brought together leading representatives from the worlds of diplomacy, business, academia, and civil society to shed light on entrepreneurial achievements and success stories for Jordanian entrepreneurs. In the closing ceremony,  Dr. Abual Basal. praised the public and private sector establishments, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations which played a significant role to make Jordan’s sixth year hosting of GEW a huge success. “I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all GEW supporters who enriched its agenda with educating programs, field activities, and specialized workshops that fueled the spirit of entrepreneurship among youth participants, prompting them to adopt innovation as the basis for job creation and reducing unemployment,” Abual Basal said. “To reach the largest possible number of talents in Jordan, this year’s event programs extended to cover different parts of the Kingdom. The activities which focused on various areas such as Microfinance, Social, Women and Technology Entrepreneurship, were designed to help in preparing a better generation of youth capable of benefiting Jordan,” Abual Basal added. In her comment, Communication Manager at QRCE, Heba Othman highlighted the importance of leadership programs in refining the talents of the young people, saying: “This entrepreneurship-themed initiative will provide participants with the experience and knowledge they need to acquire before entering the world of business. It is a rich environment where innovators can cultivate their leadership skills and take their creative ideas to the next level.” In partnership with 49 local companies and societies, the GEW 2014 featured several academic lectures, educating programs, and over 100 specialized workshops organized nationwide on the importance of entrepreneurship, small businesses, and self-employment, causes of business failure, business plan development, and ways of using the Internet to connect with effective leadership. The event’s agenda also included a number of national initiatives such as “Shaping entrepreneurial spirit to better build our future”, “Penetrating the job market and finding a job after graduation”, and “The impact of the Arab Spring on economic freedom in Jordan.” In addition, representatives of financial institutions and Jordanian entrepreneurs held meetings with the participants to share their own experiences and success stories. GEW concluded with selecting the best event partner by a panel of judges and the best workshop on the ground of the favorable impact it had on the participants.